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A Conservative Approach to the Management of a Dental Trauma for Immediate Natural Esthetics   Case Report
A Systematic Review of Iranian Experiences in Seismo-Nephrology   Review Article
Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier for Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock Treatment in a Jehovah’s Witness   Case Report
Bilateral Facial Paralysis Caused by Temporal Bone Fracture: A Case Report   Case Report
Temporal Patterns of Road Traffic Injuries in Iran   Research Article
Road Traffic Related Injury Severity in Truck Drivers: A Prospective Medical and Technical Analysis of 582 Truck Crashes   Research Article
Surgical Treatment of Unstable Distal Radius Fractures With a Volar Variable-Angle Locking Plate: Clinical and Radiological Outcomes   Research Article
Trends in Road Traffic Deaths in Yazd, Iran, 2004 - 2010   Research Article
Fear of Neighborhood Violence During Adolescence Predicts Development of Obesity a Decade Later: Gender Differences Among African Americans   Research Article
Hajj Stampede in Mina, 2015: Need for Intervention   Letter
Effect of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Demographic Factors on Psychological Outcome   Research Article
Cost Estimation of Road Traffic Injuries Among Iranian Motorcyclists Using the Willingness to Pay Method   Research Article