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Traffic Police Effectiveness and Efficiency Evaluations, an Overview of Methodological Considerations   Review Article
Complications of Vehicular-Related Injuries: A Scoping Review of Literature   Review Article
Correlation of Clinical Examination, MRI and Arthroscopy Findings in Menisco-Cruciate Injuries of the Knee: A Prospective Diagnostic Study   Research Article
Detection of ISPa1328 and ISPpu21, Two Novel Insertion Sequences in the OprD Porin and blaIMP-1 Gene Among Metallo-Beta-Lactamase-Producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated From Burn Patients   Research Article
The Social Determinants of Risky Driving on the Intercity Roads of Tehran Province, Iran: A Case-Cohort Study   Research Article
Proximal Humeral Fractures: Nonoperative Versus Operative Treatment   Research Article
Comparing Blood Sugar Levels Measured by the Glucometer in Healthy and Crushed Fingers to Predict Gangrene in Tehran, Iran   Research Article
New Variant of the Treatment of Acromion-Clavicular Dislocation With TightRope ® System in a Mini - Open Approach: A Preliminary Clinical Study   Brief Report
External Genitalia Trauma Following the First Manic Episode in an Elderly Woman With Sexual Disinhibition   Case Report
Not-so-Minor Injuries: Delayed Diagnosis of a Large Splinter   Case Report
Ideal Timing of Starting Weight-Bearing After Calcaneal Insufficiency Fracture: A Case Report and Review of the Literature   Case Report
Atraumatic Fractures of the Humerus Associated With Throwing Whilst Playing Dodgeball: A Case Series and Review of the Literature   Case Report